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At Hot Science Balloon we work on creating a dynamic, open, inclusive, and globally active scientific community with the aim of exchanging ideas and inspiring scientific advancement. We are currently publishing curated summaries of the latest research papers in the form of Nutshells as well as creating interviews with notable scientific experts such as Nobel laureates. In the future, we aim to organize scientific meetings and networking events where science enthusiasts will have an opportunity to meet inspiring individuals from all around the world.

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Nutshell Editor

Nutshells are short and concise reports of the most important findings in research papers (e.g. Nature, JAMA, Cell,...) written in a simple and easy to understand scientific way. Their main goal is to provide the reader with the core research results easily digestible in minutes. Nutshells are published from Monday to Friday, one per day, so the readers can get their daily dose of the latest science.

You and the team will be responsible for:

  • Finding the latest research papers from peer-reviewed journals
  • Assessing the quality of the papers (publishable or unpublishable)
  • Writing the Nutshell itself
  • Making a Nutshell "square" that is ready for publishing on social media

Furthermore, since our readers can send us their Nutshells (Reader's Nutshell) and/or links to research papers, you and the team will be also responsible for assessing the quality of the Reader's Nutshells and the process of reviewing them.

The work is primarily done remotely, so you can do it from anywhere in the world. The whole team, including founders, is working on Hot Science Balloon on a voluntary basis and no monetary compensation can be provided for your work. We are motivated and determined to change science and community for the better. Feel that drive too? Let’s get in touch.

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